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Endless Possibilities

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

Endless has arrived at Holland’s Jewelers.  The Endless bracelets are hand made on supple Italian leather that has been hand stitched with silk thread.  Each bracket has been dyed to the desired color throughout the entire piece.  In other words the color you see on the outside has penetrated the bracelet to the core.  Using only genuine gemstones, each charm has been hand set in silver and gold overlay, and polished to perfection.  Each bracelet comes in single, double or triple wraps and 12 different colors.   Now through December 1st we are offering a double wrap, endless bracelet of your choice and a single sterling silver charm, also of your choice, for only $69.00.  Stop by and see us soon.

Steal Her Heart

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

The Shh! Collection

is more than just a piece of jewelry, it’s
a symbol of your love. Whether it’s to commemorate the first kiss, first date, or years of marriage, Steal Her Heart is perfect for any occasion. So when your trying to find the perfect way to say I love you…
Steal Her Heart the way she stole yours.

Selecting a diamond

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Here is a quick lesson on some of the in’s and out’s of selecting a diamond for an engagement ring, earrings, necklace or any other diamond jewelry.   What prompted this post is a situation that happened this week at the store.  We had a young couple come in to get our opinion of a diamond they had purchased elsewhere.  The diamond in question was the center stone in an engagement ring.  The “certification” that came with the diamond stated that the gemstone was a G color, which has a beautiful, white body color.  The center diamond of the ring in question was CLEARLY a brown/yellow color and didn’t match the other diamonds in the engagement ring at all.  By our evaluation the diamond was somewhere north of J, which is three to four color grades off.  If you are wondering about the color scale of diamonds, please refer to the chart on our bridal page.   Luckily the couple was able to return the diamond and replace it with a TRUE color diamond from our store.  What does this all mean?  You, as the customer, must be totally sure of the diamond you are purchasing.   While a certified diamond sounds like a “sure thing”, more times than not they aren’t.  The ultimate question is what can you do to ensure that you are getting the diamond you are looking for.   The solution can be sumed up in one phrase, “If you don’t know diamonds, know your jeweler”.  My father in law taught me a very important lesson concerning diamonds, always be sure of what you have.  Grade and double check everything, even if it is a certified  diamond.   When we are presenting diamonds at the stone our preferred way is loose and unmounted.  That way you and I can look at them together with no obstacles in the way.  “NAKED!!”  The diamonds that walk out our door and adorn a new bride, mother, wife, daughter, or any person, need to be perfectly represented and accurate.   There are NO DO OVERS.   Most importantly get to know the person on the other side of the counter, this goes both ways.  Building a friendship with the folks that walk through our door is one of the many rewarding things I do each and every day.


Monday, April 30th, 2012

I knew that would get your attention.  By now you should have received your gift card in the mail.  If you didn’t then that means you are not on our “exclusive, special, top secret, ultimate client list”.  What does it take to get your name on said list?  It’s EASY!!!!  Option one, stop by Holland’s Jewelers and give us your mailing info.  Option two, call us at (919) 362-6210 and give us your mailing info.  Option three, send us a message on FaceBook with your mailing info. Option four, email us your info at   Or option five, write down your info, tie it to a hawks foot and send it straight to the store.  Option five seems to be the preferred way, however my face and arms look like I’ve been in a fight with a rabid Honey Badger.  Thanks folks!!

Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

I have just finished writing my new years resolution list so I thought I’d share them with you.  #1. Conserve water by doing less laundry and wearing more deodorant.  #2. Keep more of the hair on my head and grow less on my back.  #3.  I will always “check for paper” when going into the restroom.  #4.  Delete all but 3 of my email accounts.   #5. Watch more T.V. and read less, my eye site isn’t what it used to be.  #6.  Work with neglected children, starting with my own.  And finally #7. Gain more weight, so when the end of the world comes in 2012 I’ll have more to live off of than skinny folks.

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate another year at Holland’s Jewelers.  You are the reason we are here.  Love you all!!


Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

It’s hard to believe that another glorious summer has nearly come to an end. Apart from the God awful heat and 200% humidity, summers really bring back fond memories of my childhood. I spent most of those hot days doing yard work, picking/shelling beans from our garden or cane fishing with my 80 year old aunt. Looking back I realize that I learned so much about life and the value of working hard. We made a decision last year to close on Mondays during the summer in order to spend time with our family and do some much needed work around our home. We sure have enjoyed the time off but unfortunately those days are nearing an end. Starting October 24th we will be back to work on Mondays. We are gearing up for Christmas (I can’t believe it) and there is lots to do. I hope you have had a great summer and made some memories. Can’t wait to see you all soon.

Everyone’s a winner on Valentine’s Day….almost.

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

The second annual Valentine’s Day give away is officially over.   This year we gave away a $500.00 gift card to Holland’s Jewelers and a large bag of M&M’s, the ones in the guessing jar.  Last years jar was a square shape and the winner was only about 5 away from the exact number.  This year we opted to place some M&M’s in a different shaped jar with some amazing results.  Our winner, Sam Stout of Apex, was only one away from the exact number.  His guess was 1150 with the correct answer of 1151.  It would have been a good day for him to buy a lottery ticket!  My favorite part of the whole event is to see the highest guess and the lowest guess.  The lowest this year was 103 to highest was 7890.  My son Stone, who is 6 years old, guessed 1100.   Thanks to everyone who entered!!   What’s next at the store?  Our $50 gift cards are going out the first week of March to all the customers we have in our database.  We’ll be glad to add you, yes you, to the mailer so you can get your “goodies” in the mail too.  Email/call/Facebook me and I’ll add you right away.  To find us on Facebook look up “Stacey Sears”.    Mother’s day is the next big event and we’ve got something BIG planned for everyone to participate in.  The grand prize is valued at over $1,200.00.  Details to follow. 

ICE to see you!

Friday, January 14th, 2011

I enjoy a day off work as much as the next person but not when it’s because the roads are covered with ice.  If you enjoy snow then you are in the wrong area.  We here in North Carolina like our ice and lots of it.  Over the last month or so we’ve had no less than 5 wintry mixes.  Giving me ample opportunities to hone my balancing on ice skills as well as perfecting my snow cream recipe.  When the weather is less than desirable and down right dangerous, I make it a point to keep my behind at home.   I mean really, who’s jewelry shopping when it’s a task in itself just to walk to the front door without falling and breaking a hip.  SO for the record: If there’s snow and ice on the streets, call before you visit us.  Chances are we’ll be sitting by a fire at home…….where you should be.

Here is our family recipe for Snow Cream.

1 large bowl of snow (mixing bowl size)

1/2 can sweetened condinced milk

1 teaspoon vanilia flavoring

1/4 cup sugar (more or less to taste)

tiny dash of nutmeg

add milk to desired, creamy texture.

Mix, mix, mix… and enjoy.

The Winner!!

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

The winner of the $5oo Holland’s Jewelers shopping spree is…….Rick  Morrison of Apex.  His guess was 692 and there were 700 hearts in the jar.  What did he get with his new “found” money?  Rick is a smart guy, he actually gave his winnings to JoAnn (his wife).  She chose a Beautiful Lorenzo Pendant set with a honey citrine and a pair of amethyst earrings.  Way to go RICK!!  There were over 140 guesses in all.  The lowest number guessed was 114 and the highest was 2,001,064.  The most original guess, when asked how many hearts are in the jar, was “All of them”.  Nice try.

And it came to pass….

Monday, November 9th, 2009

If you listen to the radio, T.V. or read things on the Internet then you may think that life as we know it is over.  The economy is in the crapper and your money is worth a big ol’ goose egg (0).  I choose not to believe the hype.  Thank the Lord I have my health, my family, a roof over my head and food on the table.  Sure there are alot of other things that I would like but I am content to be content.   With that being said I think that this year, more than ever, it is very important to spend wisely.  We have been diligently looking for beautiful jewelery for our store that will fit in your budget and under the tree very nicely.  This year I’m starting  my girls a silver bead bracelet from Zable.  There are over 150 beads that can be added with their favorite colors, or things they love.  There’s even a silver “Starbucks” cup for the caffeine addict in your family.  The Lorenzo collection continues to suprise us with New beautiful, bold styles in silver and 18 karat yellow gold. We have a “Honey Citrine” set, at our store, that would melt butter.  You will find just what you need this year at Holland’s Jewelers, for everyone on your “NICE” list.  We’ve already done the hard part for you.