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Summer Hours

Friday, June 25th, 2010

I hope you folks are enjoying these hot summer days we’ve been having.  It’s a great time to have an inside job!  This summer we have done the unthinkable, we have temporarily changed our business hours.  From Memorial Day through Labor Day we will be closed on Mondays.  An actual 2 day weekend like normal folks have!  Ginny and I have 3 children and working 6 days a week for nearly 20 years makes it really tough to have family time.  We have enjoyed going to the beach, pool and just running around the yard.  It has been good for our minds and my temperament;-)  We hope you’re all enjoy your summer and we’ll be back to regular hours in just a few weeks.

Mini Vac

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

We will be closed July 3rd and 4th for a mini vacation.  For the first two week of July, I would say that 75% of our suppliers close down so we opt out of the store for a few days too.  This is the time most companies do inventory and get things ready for Christmas.  I don’t know how anyone could possible be thinking about that holiday this early, but it is what it is.  By the end of July we have usually bought 65% of what we will have in the store for the Christmas season.  The idea is to start early so we can be ready for you.  Come on tell the truth, doesn’t it feel good when you have your Christmas gift picked out, bought and wrapped early for your granny, aunt Bertha or cousin Billy Bob?  YES!!  The same goes for us. By the way this picture has basically nothing to do with this post.  The guy just looks happy.


BOONE, There it is.

Saturday, April 4th, 2009


What’s your idea of fun.  Mine is taking my family to the Mountains and seeing how fast I can take curves.  My kids love it, my wife screams and hits things, mostly me.   It’s spring break at school so we are taking a short trip to Boone N.C. for some much needed rest.  Now when I planned this trip 4 weeks ago there was absolutely no mention of snow in the forecast.  However when we get here we are informed that there is a 70% chance of snow in the next 48 hours.  SPRING BREAK?  There’s nothing springy about snow.  We are gonna try to get some “gem mining” in before the poor weather starts.  At the jewelry store we are constantly getting request for gem cutting services.  So far we have not located any in our area.  I am going to actively try to make some contacts here that will cut gems for our customers.