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Endless Possibilities

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

Endless has arrived at Holland’s Jewelers.  The Endless bracelets are hand made on supple Italian leather that has been hand stitched with silk thread.  Each bracket has been dyed to the desired color throughout the entire piece.  In other words the color you see on the outside has penetrated the bracelet to the core.  Using only genuine gemstones, each charm has been hand set in silver and gold overlay, and polished to perfection.  Each bracelet comes in single, double or triple wraps and 12 different colors.   Now through December 1st we are offering a double wrap, endless bracelet of your choice and a single sterling silver charm, also of your choice, for only $69.00.  Stop by and see us soon.

Looking for the Spring

Saturday, March 8th, 2014

Spring can’t get here quickly enough for me.  It has been one wild and crazy winter and I am debating on building an ark with all the rain we’ve been having.  Today I noticed the tulips Ginny and I planted last fall poking through the mulch.  They are always one of the first signs that the weather is soon going to take a turn for the better.  Most of the new jewels we purchased at she Savannah Jewelry show have arrived and among them are lots and lots of new colored gemstones for the spring.   We also have purchased several carats worth of loose gems that we would love to help you create the perfect ring, pendant or earring with.   In my next post I’m going to show you how easy it is to design a personalized piece of jewelry for you, while you wait.  Thanks!      **Here is a random picture of my dog**

Hagit Gorali Designs

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Fall is quickly approaching and that means the introduction of new jewelry lines for the upcoming Christmas season.  Our newest find comes from “Hagit Gorali” designs.  Named for its creator, Hagit is passionate about capturing organic shapes and textures from nature to create one-of-a-kind pieces.  Hagit’s love for drawing and sculpting is the core of her jewelry creations.   After graduating from ‘Bezalel-Academy of Art and Design’ in Jerusalem, her life evolved into creating unique, wearable jewelry that looks like a work of art.  Each ring, necklace and pendant embraces a colorful gemstones and/or pearl that has been hand made using sterling silver and karat gold combinations.  Hagit has also introduced solid 14 and 18 karat designs that emphasizes the use of cabochons or faceted gemstones, diamonds, and lustrous pearls in an unusual way, creating beautiful, collectible treasure.  The studio and factory, where the designs are developed and produced, is located on her family farm that is nestled in the countryside of Israel.  Beautiful, comfortable, wearable, original are just a few words to describe this collection from Higit Gorali.  For more information check out:

Create an Heirloom

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Hi folks!!!!  I’ve been away for awhile, but I’m glad to be back.  I actually attempted to update my blog and crashed the entire thing. I’m talking black screen of death!  Thank goodness I have a smart friend that is very well equip at fixing my computer disasters.  For they are many.  Fear not!!!  What I lack in computer skills I make up for in design skills.  Over the last couple months we have made some amazing designs for our clients.  One of my favorites is a remake of a grandmothers cluster ring.  What started off as a simple cluster was transformed into a modern style ring that will be passed down to the next generation and the next.  That’s one of the most rewarding things about making jewelry, it is long lasting.  My job has definitely made me realize one more very important thing, good things come to those who wait.  While I would like for a custom design to take about two to three weeks, more often than not it takes four to six weeks.  There are so many stages in the creation of a piece of jewelry that sometimes the slightest hiccup can equal a week of delay.  It’s at those times that I am grateful for the patience of our clients.  If you have some gemstones or diamonds that are just sitting around at home or in a “lock box”, now is the time to turn those pieces into something that wearable and will be a treasure to you and generations to come.

Discover your Apatite

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Windex Blue is term that is best used to describe the vivid color of Apatite.  This gemstone is mined mostly in Madagascar but can also be found in Brazil, Canada, India, and Mozambique.  Shades of  blue are some of the most desirable for jewelery but apart from a Paraiba tourmaline, no other gem has the unique body color of an Apatite.  The mineral also comes in hues of white, pink, violet, yellow and green.  Apatite’s are only a 5 on the hardness scale, close to that of an opal, and require similar care.  It is best to set them in pendants and earrings, however a secure ring setting worn carefully will work too.  We are currently exploring some suppliers for this gem and are now in the process of setting some stones that are in the store now.  If you are looking for that special gemstone like nothing you’ve ever seen, then Apatite is for you.

Jumbo emerald found

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

On February 22, 2010, an unusually large emerald was discovered in a Zambia mine located in Southern Africa.  This “exceptional” quality emerald weighed in at a whopping 6,225 carats and is in the top five largest emeralds ever mined.  Mine owners love to name these grand finds and this gemstone has been dubbed “Insofu”, which in the native tongue means “elephant”.   The emerald will be extensively evaluated before any decision is made on how it will be cut and fashion.  It is believed, however, that the emerald has a super fine translucency and a dark, rich color.  Chances are that this emerald will produce several jaw-dropping specimens for some lucky people.

It is always better with three

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009


June babies have 3 gems to choose from for their birthstones;  Alexandre, moonstone and pearl.   Alexandrite is by far one of the rarest gems in the world and the youngest of these three.   Discovered in 1834 the Alexandrite was named after the Russian tsar, Alexander II.   As legend has it the gem was found on his 16th birthday and changes colors to exhibit both colors of the Russian Empire, red and green.   This color changing gem exhibits this phenomenon depending on the surrounding light source.   Sunlight creates the blueish/green color and moonlight or light bulbs creates a reddish/purple color.   The more intense and even the color the more expensive the gem.  Intense, even color change Alexandrites rival and even surpass some fine diamonds.


Bi-Color Tourmaline

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009


Watermelon, or bi-color, tourmaline are typically crystals that have two or more colors in the same structure.   When looking for bi-colored gems keep a few things in mind.  1.)  The more contrast between the two colors on each end of the  gem, the better.  2.) An even, straight, center transition line in the gem is preferred.  Most stones that contain two colors have their color lines crocked or off-centered.  This is not so good.   3.) Finally, depth of color.  The darker the colors, the better.  Pictured below is a bi-colored tourmaline that has found a home in our store.  It is, without a doubt,  the finest example of a watermelon tourmaline I’ve ever seen.  Absolutely perfect with intense colors and near perfect split.  Notice the dark green on one end and the almost red color on the other.  We are in the process of  designing a pendant mounting for the gem that is made of pink and green gold with diamond highlights.   Pictures will follow.