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Sapphire Suite

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

A couple years ago Ginny and I were looking for something different to make for our store.  It was around the time when all these multi-colored sapphires were popping up and the supply was fairly abundant.   We called a gemstone cutter and made an appointment to check out what he had.   We found 11 natural fancy colored sapphires that matched in size but with widely different hues.  Now how do we set these beauties to keep them together in one piece of jewelry?  We came up with a simple line bracelet design that was made with a place for a diamond to be set on both ends of each sapphire.  The bracelet links were made in 18 karat white gold (super strong) and the sapphires and diamonds were set.  The finished piece was the most vibrant bracelet I had ever seen.  One of our favorite guest eyed the bracelet and could not get it off her mind.  Her husband called us out of the blue one afternoon and said “If that bracelet is still there my wife wants, please hold it.”  We did and she got her bracelet.  Every time she comes by to visit our store I clean her jewelry and still “drool” over that bracelet.  Unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry is always fun to make and even more fun when you get to wear it.