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Mini Vac

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

We will be closed July 3rd and 4th for a mini vacation.  For the first two week of July, I would say that 75% of our suppliers close down so we opt out of the store for a few days too.  This is the time most companies do inventory and get things ready for Christmas.  I don’t know how anyone could possible be thinking about that holiday this early, but it is what it is.  By the end of July we have usually bought 65% of what we will have in the store for the Christmas season.  The idea is to start early so we can be ready for you.  Come on tell the truth, doesn’t it feel good when you have your Christmas gift picked out, bought and wrapped early for your granny, aunt Bertha or cousin Billy Bob?  YES!!  The same goes for us. By the way this picture has basically nothing to do with this post.  The guy just looks happy.


Dear old forgotten Dad

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Here’s one for you dads, the unsung heroes.  OK mom’s you’ve had your fun with the holidays that seem to happen every month just for you.  Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Push Presents (new baby) gifts, Valentine’s Day and Anniversaries.  I know, I know, these occasions aren’t just for you, but  celebrated by both of you.  Yeah right.  Guys only have one day that they can truly call their own, Fathers Day.  I’m a father of three great kids and I know as well as anyone that this is the day I can milk for all it’s worth.  I have no problem reminding my wife how important I am.  I do all the “icky” things that she runs from.  Killing bugs, snakes and rodents, cleaning gutters, oil changes and the most important thing of all teaching the kids how to put a worm on a fishing hook.   At Holland’s we have a great gift for the “Dad” in your life, a watch.  We have an awesome collection of Swiss made watches that we hand select and customize.  These “Holland” watches have a three year, bumper to bumper, warranty that will hold up to even the toughest guy around.  They also come with the best four letter word that most guys love to hear, FREE. Free batteries for life.dscn0619

It is always better with three

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009


June babies have 3 gems to choose from for their birthstones;  Alexandre, moonstone and pearl.   Alexandrite is by far one of the rarest gems in the world and the youngest of these three.   Discovered in 1834 the Alexandrite was named after the Russian tsar, Alexander II.   As legend has it the gem was found on his 16th birthday and changes colors to exhibit both colors of the Russian Empire, red and green.   This color changing gem exhibits this phenomenon depending on the surrounding light source.   Sunlight creates the blueish/green color and moonlight or light bulbs creates a reddish/purple color.   The more intense and even the color the more expensive the gem.  Intense, even color change Alexandrites rival and even surpass some fine diamonds.