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Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

cover1The new Jewels have started trickling in from this past weekends jewelery show in Charlotte, NC.  The first to arrive are our ZABLE beads.  These European beads are made from Sterling Silver and come in styles that have gold highlights, Murano glass and gemstones.  Zabel beads are compatible with all popular brands of bead bracelets but you won’t have to break your piggy bank to buy them.  One distinct difference of Zable beads, compared to others, is the ability to actually create custom designs.  This is a great application for sport teams, school gifts,company presentations etc…most anything you can imagine.  We currently have bracelets and beads in stock, with more to follow in the next week.  Create a bracelet that’s just for you.

DSCN0637Nautical bracelet complete with mermaid:  $296.00.  Made here for you beach lovers.

World’s Most Expensive Desserts

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

expensive-desserts-01-dI thought this may be something kinda fun to know.  What is the worlds most expensive desserts?  Topping the list is “Strawberries Arnaud”.  Created by the 90 year old Arnaud’s Restaurant in the New Orleans French Quarter.  This simple bowl of fruit is garnished by a one-of-a-kind, 4.7 carat, natural PINK diamond ring.  This ring has a wonderful history and once belonged to Sir Ernest Cassel of England, look it up.  This encore is presented by a white-gloved waiter and served with a rare port that is from a $24,850.00, Charles X, crystal cave liqueur set.  The total for this tasty treat, a mere 1.4 million, that’s dollars not pesos.

Number two on the list is simply known as the “Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence”, served at the Fortress in Galle, Sri Lanka resort.  The dish was designed to resemble a fisherman and showcases an 80 ct., native aquamarine. This dessert is a little mort affordable than the “Strawberries Arnaud” and has a price tag of only $14,500.  Come on, you probably have that in change under your couch cushions.


Designed to make you melt

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Here are a few designs that we have done in the last couple weeks.  Hope everyone is having a great summer and enjoying this melting heat we’re having.  Thanks, I’ll try to update these post more frequently because there is alot happening here at HOLLAND’S.libby bberkleylaura shimer