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New Fossils Found!!

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Holland’s Jewelers has recently discovered Fossils in our store…..Fossil watches that is.  Over 75 new watches have just arrived and they look amazing!  Fossils are a wonderful compliment to our already popular,  private label “Holland” watches and offer similar value for your money.  Backed by an amazing 11 year warranty on parts and labor, these watches far outlast similar watches that have the industry standard of 6 month to 1 year warranties.  We also offer special orders with no shipping cost to you.  Yep, we’ll order any Fossil watch your heart desires and typically have it to you in less than a week.  What more can I say?  If you’re looking for a fun, stylish watch with a unbeatable warranty, then FOSSIL is the watch for you.

P.S.  Mention this blog and we’ll take 15% off your Fossil watch.

Chamilia beads

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Looking for Chamilia beads?  We’ve got em’!  One of the newest additions to Holland’s Jewelers are Chamilia beads.  Founded in 2002, by Killian Reider and Jeff Julkowski, with the premise of putting jewelry design into the hands of the customer.   The idea was simple, allow YOU to customize  your bracelet to fit the mood, moment or occasion.  Like a chameleon changes to its environment.  I think they got it right!   Chamilia launched with a modest assortment of 14 karat, sterling silver, Swarovski crystals, Italian Murano glass and colored stone beads in contemporary styles that paired beautifully with their bracelets and necklaces.  Since its conception, Chamilia has grown to offer over 800 unique beads and has secured an exclusive partnership with DISNEY.  The most often asked question we get is  “How does Chamilia compare to Pandora”.  Ginny and I spent almost 2 years debating the same questions you have and found three distinct differences that lead us to Chamilia.  #1.  Chamilia beads are brighter and more colorful.  #2.  Bracelet design and the availability of “slide stopper” beads.  #3.  More for your money, averaging around 20% less than Pandora beads.   We are so excited to to offer two new ways to get started with Chamilia or add to your collection.    Now till Mother’s day, May 9th, when you buy any four beads we will give you a free starter bracelet!  Or if you already have a bracelet, when you buy any three beads, we’ll give you the fourth one for free!!   One more easy way see all Chamilia’s beads is on their handy-dandy web site,

Jumbo emerald found

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

On February 22, 2010, an unusually large emerald was discovered in a Zambia mine located in Southern Africa.  This “exceptional” quality emerald weighed in at a whopping 6,225 carats and is in the top five largest emeralds ever mined.  Mine owners love to name these grand finds and this gemstone has been dubbed “Insofu”, which in the native tongue means “elephant”.   The emerald will be extensively evaluated before any decision is made on how it will be cut and fashion.  It is believed, however, that the emerald has a super fine translucency and a dark, rich color.  Chances are that this emerald will produce several jaw-dropping specimens for some lucky people.