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New Designs

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

It’s been a busy summer for custom design rings.  We have created over 26, one-of-a-kind rings for our clients and friends in the past couple months.  From classic, hand engraved rings, to contemporary clean styles, we’ve seen them all this summer.   When folks ask me what’s in style right now, I can honestly say “everything”.  We have had great results with palladium as well as the “X1”, 14 karat white gold alloy we use.  The X1 gold is a great combo of gold and palladium that resist tarnish and metal color change unlike typical white gold.  We have just returned from Washington, DC where we attended a jewelry show and have lots of new treasures arriving daily in our store.   There are so many new exciting things going on at Holland’s Jewelers, you should stop by and check them out.