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Alternative metals

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

For the guy that’s looking for something different in a wedding band, as opposed to gold, palladium or platinum, we’ve got you covered.  Today’s hi-tech metals are sleek, lightweight, amazingly strong and remarkably scratch resistant.  And they are becoming increasingly popular for all kinds of jewelry, especially wedding rings.

1.  Titanium.  Best known for its use in space travel, titanium provides a white/grey color for much less that platinum or white gold.  It also weighs less than any of the other metals which makes it very comfortable to wear.

2.  Ceramic.  Not actually a metal, this black, high gloss structural ceramic material is famous for its toughness, durability, scratch resistance and its ability to stay polished forever.  It’s also very lightweight and will not fade, discolor or craze.

3.  Argentium silver.  I modern twist of a classic metal.  Argentium silver is the most tarnish resistant silver available today.  Unlike common silver, argentium silver is easy to size, tarnish free and can be twice as hard as annealed silver.

4.  Tungsten Carbide.  Highly popular for lower cost wedding bands,  tungsten carbide is outstanding and unsurpassed in terms of scratch resistance.  It comes in a matte black surface color as well as a matte charcoal gray finish or a high polish lustre.  It is available in a variety of traditional and contemporary designs.

5.  Stainless steel.  This bright white metal is almost indestructible.  Its hardness comes from its 10.5% chromium content.  It does not tarnish, is easy to repair and is rugged enough to withstand the most rigorous activity.  And because it’s made without nickel, it is hypoallergenic.  Bonus!!

6.  Cobalt Chrome.  My personal favorite of all the alternative metals that has the best of everything in one nice, neat ring.   A very, very white, hypoallergenic metal that is highly resistant to corrosion.   A great alternate to titanium and tungsten because it is much closer to the color of white gold or platinum.  On top of all that goodness, Cobalt Chrome is 4 times more scratch resistant than platinum or palladium.

Bottom line, while 14 karat gold, palladium and platinum are absolutely wonderful metals they are not the only choice out there.  Today’s “husband to be” has more selections than ever when it comes to a wedding band.  We carry all alternative metal choices for you to check out.  And they come with a lifetime guarantee for sizing.  Trust me, when you put on that extra 10 to 20 pounds after you get married, that sizing guarantee will come in handy.