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Everyone’s a winner on Valentine’s Day….almost.

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

The second annual Valentine’s Day give away is officially over.   This year we gave away a $500.00 gift card to Holland’s Jewelers and a large bag of M&M’s, the ones in the guessing jar.  Last years jar was a square shape and the winner was only about 5 away from the exact number.  This year we opted to place some M&M’s in a different shaped jar with some amazing results.  Our winner, Sam Stout of Apex, was only one away from the exact number.  His guess was 1150 with the correct answer of 1151.  It would have been a good day for him to buy a lottery ticket!  My favorite part of the whole event is to see the highest guess and the lowest guess.  The lowest this year was 103 to highest was 7890.  My son Stone, who is 6 years old, guessed 1100.   Thanks to everyone who entered!!   What’s next at the store?  Our $50 gift cards are going out the first week of March to all the customers we have in our database.  We’ll be glad to add you, yes you, to the mailer so you can get your “goodies” in the mail too.  Email/call/Facebook me and I’ll add you right away.  To find us on Facebook look up “Stacey Sears”.    Mother’s day is the next big event and we’ve got something BIG planned for everyone to participate in.  The grand prize is valued at over $1,200.00.  Details to follow.