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Monday, April 30th, 2012

I knew that would get your attention.  By now you should have received your gift card in the mail.  If you didn’t then that means you are not on our “exclusive, special, top secret, ultimate client list”.  What does it take to get your name on said list?  It’s EASY!!!!  Option one, stop by Holland’s Jewelers and give us your mailing info.  Option two, call us at (919) 362-6210 and give us your mailing info.  Option three, send us a message on FaceBook with your mailing info. Option four, email us your info at   Or option five, write down your info, tie it to a hawks foot and send it straight to the store.  Option five seems to be the preferred way, however my face and arms look like I’ve been in a fight with a rabid Honey Badger.  Thanks folks!!

Lashbrook designs…get your style on.

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

Lashbrook Designs is the premier custom designer band company for all your alternative metals. Tungsten, titanium, cobalt, Damascus steel, carbon fiber, ceramic, black zirconium and natural wood inlay are just a few of the many choices they have to offer. They also produce all rings in platinum, palladium, silver and all golds. For many years I’ve looked for a company that offers actual custom made rings for men as most companies only have a very small collection and offer virtually no option to change their models. With Lashbrook any one of their over 700 styles can be made in any metal, any width, any size and with dozens of textured finishes giving you the ultimate creative liberties with your ring. New models will be arriving within the next two weeks.

Create an Heirloom

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Hi folks!!!!  I’ve been away for awhile, but I’m glad to be back.  I actually attempted to update my blog and crashed the entire thing. I’m talking black screen of death!  Thank goodness I have a smart friend that is very well equip at fixing my computer disasters.  For they are many.  Fear not!!!  What I lack in computer skills I make up for in design skills.  Over the last couple months we have made some amazing designs for our clients.  One of my favorites is a remake of a grandmothers cluster ring.  What started off as a simple cluster was transformed into a modern style ring that will be passed down to the next generation and the next.  That’s one of the most rewarding things about making jewelry, it is long lasting.  My job has definitely made me realize one more very important thing, good things come to those who wait.  While I would like for a custom design to take about two to three weeks, more often than not it takes four to six weeks.  There are so many stages in the creation of a piece of jewelry that sometimes the slightest hiccup can equal a week of delay.  It’s at those times that I am grateful for the patience of our clients.  If you have some gemstones or diamonds that are just sitting around at home or in a “lock box”, now is the time to turn those pieces into something that wearable and will be a treasure to you and generations to come.