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Big hair bands and grandma’s diamonds, both are classic rocks.

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

While driving to the pool today for the kids swim practice, an old Def Leopard song came on the radio.  Now being a child of the “Big Hair” era I know all the songs and can sing along with anything from the 80’s, much to my kids dismay.  Needless to say I take any opportunity I can to educate them in classic rock from my generation, and needless to say they hate it.  All except for one, my youngest son Stone.  He is a 30 year old trapped in a 7 year old’s body and loves that “old timey rock”.  What in the world has this got to do with jewelry you may ask, I haven’t the foggiest idea so I’m gonna reach little.  Just like that old classic music from 20, 30 or 40 years ago that never really goes away, that old classic jewelry that’s been around forever can be remade and reintroduced to the next generation.  I recently had a family come into our store to have a ring made out of grandma’s old broach.  What was really cool about the whole procedure is that the grandmother, daughter and granddaughter all came in at the same time and together helped me design a ring for the granddaughters graduation.  It was totally awesome and something that I had never done before.  In the end we made a beautiful ruby and diamond ring that incorporated gemstones from the grandmother’s broach and the mother’s old wedding band.  The ring was not only beautiful but had a great legacy that was built into it.  We can turn pretty much anything that may be outdated to you into something that you’ll love to wear.  Just like magic!!