Dads: the reason urgent care was invented

Why do most dad prefer to act before they think?  It’s a common trait that we’re all born with.  It’s kinda like the way we try to assemble things without reading the instructions or drive for hours in the wrong direction without stopping to ask where the heck we are.  But what we lack in brain power we make up with ingenuity.  Come on, who else would think of using a paper clip to fix a toilet?  I’m here to tell you although we like to go the extra mile to do things the hard way, buying jewelry is straight forward and takes practically no effort.  (THANK GOODNESS)  My advise to you for Father’s Day is to take it easy and do as little as possible.  Take a break from all that hard work you do around the house and put your offspring to work instead.  Remember Mother’s Day back a month ago and how your “better” half refused to lift a finger that day,  now it’s your turn.  Milk it for all it’s worth and use the words “but it’s Father’s Day” as much as possible.  Dad’s the unsung hero!  This is my Public Service Announcement for the month.

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