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Does this hurt?

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Last November my finger started hurting. It was a sharp pain that I only felt in one particular spot. Not to be too graphic but I am forever sticking myself with drills and cutters as well as burning my skin with a torch. So this little pain was nothing and I assumed it would pass. Well, you know what happens when you assume things. All through November, December and January my thumb hurt more and more until I really could not use it. So finally after much nagging…I mean gentle nudging, I went to see a hand doctor. I am not sure why, but doctors love to press on sore spots and ask “Does this hurt?”. This guy really didn’t need to ask, I’m sure he could tell by how much I “clinched-up” when he pressed my thumb. After the x-ray it was determined that I did indeed have something stuck in my thumb. It had a familiar appearance about it. Whatever it was it was going to be removed today. My thumb was numbed and cut open to reveal two pieces of a jeweler’s saw blade, about 3/4 inch. Its like that old magic trick when a guys pulls 10 doves out from his coat sleeve. How did they get there? MAGIC!!!!! I still have no idea who put those things in my thumb. I know it wasn’t me, I never make misstackes. SANY0001.JPG