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Hearts Abound

Friday, February 13th, 2009

What makes you feel like a MAN?  Playing sports, shooting guns, driving vehicles with big engines and even bigger tires?  These are just a few things associated with being a guy.  Along with some lesser desirable things like incomplete “Honey-do” list, leaving the seat up and forgetting important dates.   We are here to give you the two minute, or rather two day warning.  Valentine’s day is this coming Saturday, you have been notified.   Now, for all those things you like to do that make you feel good, stop and think about your “Honey”.  What makes her feel like a WOMAN?    Pedicures and manicures, fresh flowers, a new hairdo, buying a new outfit and you telling her how amazing she looks after all that work.  The icing on the cake, a new “sparkly” to wear.  And I don’t mean body glitter.   Jewelry is to a lady what a 60 inch plasma T.V. is to a guy.   Looks good on,  fun to use and even better when you show it off and your friends go WOW.  We’ve  got you covered at HOLLAND’S, earrings, pendants, rings, jewelry boxes and pretty much everything the love of your life could want.