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Primary Gemstone: Tanzanite

Alternate Gemstone(s): Blue Topaz

History: Tanzanite is one of the youngest gemstones only discovered in 1967 in Northern Tanzania, Africa. Tanzanite's dual color - a vivid blue with purplish tones makes for a dazzling play of both warm and cool colors. Lighter colored Tanzanite are found closer to the earth's surface and less costly to mine while the deeper hued tanzanites are more costly to mine. In 2002 Tanzanite was changed to December's birthstone, the first addition to the birthstone chart in over 90 years. The tanzanite with the deeper blue color as opposed to the purple color are more desirable and sought after among collectors.

Blue Topaz can come in a pure Sky Blue to a medium colored Swiss Blue to a darker toned London Blue. Blue Topaz rivals Aquamarine in color and availability at a fraction of the cost.