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Primary Gemstone: Tourmaline

Alternate Gemstone(s): Opal

History: Tourmaline is the traditional gemstone for October. Tourmaline come in a wider range of vivid colors than virtually any other gem. Tourmaline color spans from red to violet and also occurs in color combinations in one stone, such as by-color, watermelon Tourmaline.

Opal is very fragile and typically has a light body color with flashes of red, pink, green, and blue tones and hues. All of the colors of the evening sky are captured in the shifting hues of the Opal. Most opals are Cabochon cut with a smooth top. Opals have several other varieties such as an orange fire opal and a black opal that are rare and have intense colors.

The Opal's shifting color change and flashes of fire are symbolic of love, life, hope and truth.